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This special 20th anniversary river trip explores writing and sculpting as complementary forms of creative expression, and celebrates the return to the river of renowned sculptor, Roxanne Swentzell as Page Lambert's featured guest. During this six-day adventure on the Colorado River through Canyonlands, Roxanne will guide us in sculpting with our hands, using river clay and materials gathered from the land, and Page will guide us in sculpting with words. The trip starts and ends in Moab, Utah. Professionally outfitted by Sheri Griffith Expeditions and guided by SGE's amazing women guides, who not only row the oar boats, but cook us three delicious meals each day. All food, beverages, rafting and camping equipment provided.

Details here: Page Lambert's River Journey

Dear Tower Gallery and Roxanne, Last year I had the fortunate experience of being able to take part in Roxanne's workshop. I had the opportunity to make new friends, get my hands back in the mud and enjoy 5 days of bliss in my favorite part of the world.  My figure's name is "Windex" after the wind direction "feather" atop a mast. He and his alter ego are wind whisperers... he sits in my garden and watches. Thank you for the experience,    I hope to be able to participate again should the opportunity arise. Cheers, Patti

"Sculpting With Roxanne, May 2013" Workshop Participants

"I am so grateful to Roxanne for offering herself and her gifts in this workshop, which allowed me to literally give shape to a new part of myself.  I had little experience with clay and no experience at actually creating an intentional sculpture, and yet Roxanne created such a safe and inspiring space that a sculpture actually did come to life in my hands!  She allowed me to express my own unique creativity while generously sharing her own techniques, talents and inspiring spirit.  This workshop helped me to shift something at a very deep level."

D. Schurr

"It´s hard to describe the workshop in a few words, but challenging, fascinating and very rewarding are the ones I use most.  It was an experience that was eye-opening and unforgettable. Greetings to Roxanne as well."

Lisa C.

"This was a most amazing workshop held in a most spiritual and energy filled space!  I am a working artist and have sculpted in a different style than Roxanne's and this workshop not only introduced and taught me a new style and way to think about building a sculpture but gave me challenges to break through some inhibitions I had formed.  Roxanne is a great instructor who leads by example and encourages exploration and creation!  I cannot thank her enough for this incredible opportunity."

L.J. Rosen


I am so touched to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from Roxanne Swentzel.  Her ability to be so present and patient with 10 people wanting her guidance was amazing to me.  She is a gentle and powerful teacher!  I feel so honored to have had this opportunity. Thank you Roxanne please don't wait so long for your next class. I am eager for more.

- M. Allen


Hi Roxanne and Cindy!

The workshop was everything and more I had hoped it would be... I'm afraid if I tell too many more friends how wonderful it was, the waiting list could become years long!
I believe that a class of ten was the perfect number; it seemed that Roxanne had enough time to help everyone. And what a diverse mix of people; we will not forget our week together!

The space was perfect - full of natural light and spacious and every morning to be greeted by that magnificent flowering (crab apple?)... oh yes, the chickens were among my favorite class participants! Many thanks to Rose for her generosity.

I would really love to return next spring/summer, perhaps to have the opportunity to attempt a standing figure (!!) Please keep me in the loop for future workshops.

Again thank you, Roxanne, for all your hard work, attention and sharing; your workshop will be one that I will always remember.

I will say goodbye with only one request for the future..I would love to one day see your studio.

Best regards,

- D. Stonis



I cannot speak highly enough of my experience in Roxanne's sculptor class.  Roxanne was able to bring out the creativity I never knew I had.  Her way of encouragement to all of the students resulted in beautiful pieces of art.  Roxanne not only creates art that speaks from within but also evokes that ability in her students.  I will be forever grateful for this opportunity as it has changed me in a wonderful way.  Thank you Roxanne.  I hope to see you again very soon.  Zena

- Z. Thomas "For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness." 


It was an amazing week. It was physically and emotionally demanding and also a time I will cherish for the rest of my life. Roxanne is a remarkable artist. She is a master of clay and the three dimensional, human form, is articulate with her instruction and exudes love and compassion. Really, an amazing week.

- K. Snider


I am still recovering from one of the best weeks of my life. Words are not enough to describe love, passion, bonding, and elevated spirit I felt. Rox is nurturing, encouraging, inspirational, kind, fun, and above all spiritual and full of love, and she has conveyed this to us all. It was an emotional journey for me, but one I plan to pursue. I have already made preparations to attend Santa Fe Clay. Rox has named the final clay patch a "Jay", and promised to use it always. Silly, but an honor I will never forget. Thank you for including me. Appropriate gifts are being crafted for you. Also, plans for a promised dinner should be made. I love you.

- J. Redack

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