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Bronze: Child


"Pin-Up (2002)"

Fired coiled earthenware, paint, cardboard
12" L, 13" W, 18" H

In the journey to understand who we are, I have discovered an array of things that have helped to displace us from ourselves. It’s like finding a trail of disguises that led to a little soul somewhere hidden behind all the junk. “Pin-up” is one of these pieces that show beliefs that block us from “seeing”. She holds a cardboard image of a so-called sexy woman’s body. This is the image we are suppose to want. This is the image we are constantly bombarded with from the media. In this piece the little figure has painted her face white to match the image (white because this idea of beauty came out of the White culture). As we can see, she herself is not that image. There is something funny about it if we can see how ridiculous we are being here, but there is something very tragic about the amount of self-hatred that is evident when we choose images over our true selves in other’s or in ourselves.



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